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The Story Behind the Meditation Minis

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The Meditation Minis Podcast launched in February 2015 as my personal one year commitment to creating relaxing guided meditation audios for people all over the world to be able to access for free. 

The focus was (and remains) topic specific meditations focused on overcoming anxiety, self doubt, and negative thinking while cultivating more clarity, ease, and confidence in our minds and lives - in short format 5-12 minute meditations.

Since 2015 the Meditation Minis have grown and bloomed into more than I would have imagined! 10's of millions of downloads over the years, awards, accolades, and "best of lists" inclusions. Never saw any of that coming - and it STILL blows me away anytime a new one pops up.

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Chel 💕

Crafting the Meditation Minis is now the main focus of my work week... and to this day I still do all my own audio editing, Since 2017 I have even been crafting the background music - giving me the opportunity to geek out on generative music techniques, AI music composing, and soundscape focused music design. In 2018 I even started exploring the applications of meditation in VR for anxiety and PTSD - which my inner geek sooooooo loves! 


Thank you to my girl friends (you know who you are) who INSISTED for MONTHS that I must create meditation content despite my objections. (I have no desire to be anyone's leader or "guru.")


Thank you to every listener.

Thank you for every email.

And thank you for brightening my weeks with your every amazing show review!
I'm so happy and inspired to be on this ride with you.
All my love,

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